Supervision of financial investments

An investment process is a set of consolidated rules and practices continuously applied and more or less formalized, with the aim of creating value through the efficient allocation of financial assets over time.

Drawing inspiration from best practices employed by major international institutional investors, Unione Fiduciaria provides professional support to the Client, aligning fully with their interests.

Unione Fiduciaria’s supervision services help optimize the Client’s investment process, ensuring continuous cost savings, alignment with objectives, integrating preferences and constraints, robust analysis and control capabilities, effective implementation, diversification, and operational flexibility.


Unione Fiduciaria helps to optimize costs by improving the efficiency of invested assets.

Portfolio metrics survey

Unione Fiduciaria carries out asset assessments on the basis of a wide variety of metrics:

  • Measurement of deviation from the agreed/desired asset allocation
  • Multi-level fee tracking
  • Performance observation
  • Risk assessment (ex post and ex ante)
  • Calculation of cost/efficiency parameters

Definition of objectives and asset monitoring

Unione Fiduciaria continuously monitors the performance of the consolidated portfolio and the work of the asset managers in order to compare the detected investment policy with the evolving needs of the client.

Continuous information

The Client is kept informed on a continuous basis about the results of the monitoring.

Advanced services

Investment policy document

A dedicated Team detects the investment needs of the Client.


Invitation to Offer / Request For Proposal (RFP)

If requested by the Client, Unione Fiduciaria can conduct a competitive selection of the best asset managers on the market:

Quantitative analysis

  • Historical performance analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis of the manager’s behavior compared to the benchmark
  • Corporate structure analysis

Qualitative analysis

  • Investment philosophy analysis
  • Analysis of investment processes
  • Management style analysis
  • Risk control analysis


Advanced consolidated reporting

The technological infrastructure of Unione Fiduciaria allows the Client to observe the evolution of the consolidated portfolio on multiple levels:

Aggregate analysis of costs, fees, dividends, capital gains, etc.

Aggregate analysis of exposure to currencies, asset classes, liquidity, sectors, countries, etc.

Ex ante and ex post analysis of volatility, max drawdown, Sharpe and Sortino ratio, stress test.

Portfolio Look-through
Analysis on different levels of transparency of the instruments

Peer analysis
Comparisons with equivalent market products


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