With extensive experience in asset administration, Unione Fiduciaria provides professional services for establishing and administering trusts.

A trust embodies a fiduciary relationship wherein a person, whether natural or legal, (referred to as Settlor) entrusts specific assets to a Trustee for the benefit of designated beneficiaries or the realization of a particular purpose. A trust is governed by a Trust deed, by the applicable law and by a Letter of Wishes. Oversight on the management of the trust is provided by a Protector.).

The primary outcome of establishing a trust is asset segregation, whereby the contributed assets become distinct and separate from the settlor’s estate.

Thanks to its flexibility, a trust can accommodate a wide range of assets or rights, including shareholdings, liquidity, movable assets, real estate, credit positions, artworks, and more.

Assuming the role of Trustee


Unione Fiduciaria can act as a Trustee, taking on the responsibility of administering the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries or in accordance with the purpose specified by the Settlor.

The trustee is bound by a fiduciary obligation committing to administer the assets according to an agreed program, ultimately leading to the allocation to the final beneficiaries.

Assuming the role of Protector

Unione Fiduciaria can act as Protector, taking on the responsibility of overseeing the activities of the Trustee and ensuring adherence with the trust deed and with the applicable governing law.

The role of the Protector shares many aspects with that of a risk manager: therefore, it is highly preferable for this position to be held by an individual with deep knowledge of the trust institution and its associated sources.

Assistance in drafting the Trust deed

Unione Fiduciaria is able to assist throughout the technical phases of the creation of a trust, ensuring the best protection and the most efficient subsequent transfer of assets. Unione Fiduciaria can also support the Settlor in crafting a Letter of Wishes  (written memos in which the settlor provides the Trustee with non-binding indications regarding the most important management choices).

In the stages of Trust creation, Unione Fiduciaria can provide support in identifying the most suitable regulatory law and trust model. This guarantees the beneficial owner peace of mind in seeing professional asset management, the realization of gains and/or their seamless transfer of the assets to beneficiaries, relieving them of administrative or management responsibilities.

Assistance to a further Trustee in the management of trust assets

Unione Fiduciaria is ready to deploy its expertise to handle a multitude of necessary tasks, collaborating with another Trustee, if designated by the Settlor, in the same capacity.

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