Wealth Planning

Estate planning is a multidisciplinary suite of services geared toward safeguarding and transferring wealth. These services are tailored to the evolving needs expressed by families, adapting to the various phases of economic cycles and upon the succession of generations.

With the dedicated Top Client Team, Unione Fiduciaria offers a range of bespoke services designed to support – either directly or, when appropriate, with the assistance of leading professionals – in identifying asset engineering solutions. These solutions are crafted to protect and transfer wealth in its various forms, while ensuring its consistency and profitability.

Standard services


During periodic meetings, a dedicated Team conducts a comprehensive review of the Client’s personal and financial situation.

The Team will consider any changes in the Client’s needs taking into account the evolving circumstances of their professional and personal lives.


Wealth mapping

As part of a wealth check-up, Unione Fiduciaria captures images and compiles details of individual asset classes such as company shareholdings and properties, into a consolidated document.


Definition of objectives

Attentive listening is key to discerning the wishes of the Client and/or family.

Advanced services

Family governance: Family councils

Upon request of clients, Unione Fiduciaria can provide support to the Family governance by actively participating in Family councils dedicated to the discussion of patrimonial issues.


Estate engineering

An integrated asset administration plan can be drawn up, outlining the solutions and tools to be implemented.


Family Business and intergenerational wealth transfer

Unione Fiduciaria con offer optimizations and rationalizations of the family assets in order to plan a harmonious intergenerational transfer.


Philanthropy and Impact investing

Unione Fiduciaria assists families define philanthropic objectives and develop sustainable investment strategies.



Unione Fiduciaria offers support across a broad spectrum of issues related to individual family members’ commitments, such as real estate obligations, banking contracts, lifestyle, and more.



If needed, Unione Fiduciaria assists its Clients in the relocation process, from Italy to locations abroad, as well as from locations abroad to Italy.


Tax & Legal

Unione Fiduciaria offers support directly as well as through reliable partners, on a series of complementary activities.


Establishment and management of Trusts

Unione Fiduciaria oversees the creation of trusts, subsequently acting as Trustee (or, if required, Protector) employing advanced administration methodologies.

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