Who we are


Founded in 1958, Unione Fiduciaria, an independent fiduciary company, offers organizational, administrative and tax-related services to support companies, intermediaries and personal wealth.

Leader in Italy by assets under administration, Unione Fiduciaria has been carrying out its fiduciary activity in Italy and abroad for over sixty years with seriousness, professionalism and absence of conflicts of interest.

Our solid and independent structure currently includes in its shareholders’ structure over twenty important Italian banks.

Shareholders and Shareholdings

Alongside its traditional fiduciary activity, Unione Fiduciaria has developed and streamlined new services in accordance with the evolution of the markets

  • Planning of personal and corporate assets as a whole
  • Financial and non-financial investments costs oversight
  • Performance and risk analysis of financial investments
  • Real estate and company assets analysis
  • Support in the selection of intermediaries
  • Asset protection and generational wealth transfer

With the primary objective of always pursuing the best interests of its Clients, Unione Fiduciaria develops and carries out its services both directly and in synergy with custodian banks and asset managers. By virtue of B2B agreements, such counterparties, in turn, may make use of the services of Unione Fiduciaria for a variety of Clients.

Estate Oversight, Fiduciary Administration and Wealth Optimization

Fiduciary Excellence and Integrated Services for Clients and Financial Intermediaries

Unione Fiduciaria also provides a wide range of organizational, administrative and IT services intended for companies, banks, asset management companies, SIMs, fiduciary companies, trust companies and other intermediaries.

Unione Fiduciaria is the provider of one of the most popular whistleblowing platforms in Italy for the reporting of wrongdoing
(‘Comunica Whistleblowing’) and provides advisory services on Bank of Italy, Consob, Italian 231 law and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.